Thesis Distinction

Oct 20, 2015

Melanie Burkett – Thesis Distinction

Melanie Burkett was awarded “distinction” for her thesis entitled, “Australian Legend, Australian Lives: The Interplay Between Representations of Early Nineteenth-Century New South Wales and the Experiences of Free Immigrants.” Her thesis examines the lives of British migrants to Australia in the […]

Jul 30, 2015

Ashley Jones – Thesis Distinction

Ashley Jones was awarded “distinction” for her thesis entitled, “Motivation, Mechanics and Magnitude: A Study of Glass Recycling in the Roman Empire.” Ashley’s advisor, Dr. S. Thomas Parker, described her thesis as a “ground-breaking study,” which concludes that the ubiquity of glass […]

Jun 4, 2015

Kelsey Zavelo – Thesis Distinction

Kelsey Zavelo was awarded “distinction” for her thesis entitled, “In Transition: The United States and South Africa, 1976-1977.” Using archival material from the United States and South Africa, Kelsey’s thesis challenges the prevailing account of the Carter administration’s policy toward apartheid South […]

May 17, 2015

Sarah Wenner – Thesis Distinction

Sarah Wenner was awarded “distinction” for her thesis entitled, “Petra’s Hinterland from the Nabataean through Early Byzantine Periods (ca. 63 BC-AD 500),” Using ceramic data collected by the Udhruh Archaeological Project, other regional surveys, and documentary evidence, Sarah’s thesis addresses changes […]

Apr 28, 2015

Jesica Jayd Lewis – Thesis Distinction

Jesica Jayd Lewis was awarded “distinction” for her thesis entitled, “The Warrior’s Banquet: Syssitia in Ancient Crete.” Using epigraphic and archaeological evidence to analyze literary portrayals of pre-Roman Crete, and using the Cretan common-meal institution of syssitia as a case study, Jayd’s […]