Graduate Internships

Aug 10, 2015

Graduate History Alumna Reconnects with NC State and Aids USDA Outreach Initiatives

Stacy Roberts graduated from NC State with the History M.A. degree in May 2014. She worked with Professor Matthew Booker on her thesis entitled How We Have Forgotten: Chemical Strawberries and Their Archived Alternatives in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. After […]

Jun 12, 2015

Public History Internship – Samantha Smith

Historic preservation requires having the right tools for the trade.  Samantha Smith, a recent graduate of the MA Public History program, started her internship at Preservation Durham in July 2014 with an extensive toolkit. Transcription, interviewing, researching, Microsoft Excel, HPOWEB […]

Jun 12, 2015

Public History Internship – Rebecca Lowe

Sometimes the “hands on” internship experience means physically handling anatomically abnormal specimens and medically mysterious models — at least it does when you intern at the Mütter Museum, a renowned medical history museum in Philadelphia. And that’s exactly what Public History graduate […]

Jun 12, 2015

Public History Internship – Hayley Moll

Hayley Moll knows that she wants to be a museum curator one day. Last summer Hayley interned with the Greensboro Historical Museum. She inventoried the museum’s extensive doll holdings, contributing to the preservation of the museum’s collection of more than 25,000 tangible objects. “I greatly […]

May 9, 2015

Samantha Smith Wins Public History Award

Public History faculty selected Samantha Smith for the 2015 Public History Award. Samantha worked at Preservation Durham for her internship. She researched and wrote an exhibit on George Watts Carr, an architect of the mid-twentieth century whose influence may still […]

Dec 15, 2014

Public History Grad Student Contributes to TV Segment on the Mütter Museum

In July 2014 the Mütter Museum, a distinguished medical history museum in Philadelphia, PA, received an unusual visitor. Mike Rowe and a team from his new TV series Somebody’s Gotta Do It—a CNN original that “[pays] tribute to innovators, do-gooders, entrepreneurs, […]