History MA alum, Christopher Michael Blakley ’13, Published by LSU Press

Withers Hall

We are pleased to announce that History MA alum, Christopher Michael Blakley’s book, “Empire of Brutality: Enslaved People and Animals in the British Atlantic World” has been published by LSU Press. The book explores how material relationships between enslaved people and animals bolstered the intellectual dehumanization of the enslaved. By reconsidering dehumanization in the light of human–animal relations, Blakley offers new insights into the horrific institution of slavery later challenged by Black intellectuals in multiple ways. Learn more about “Empire of Brutality” at LSU Press.

Christopher Michael Blakley, received his History MA in 2013. He teaches American and global history at California State University, Northridge, and interdisciplinary writing and research seminars at Occidental College.

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