History MA student, Jordan Brady, presents research at Classical Association of the Middle West and South Conference

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to present my paper entitled “City of Thunder: Numismatics and Civic Space in Seleucia-in-Pieria” at the annual Classical Association of the Middle West and South conference in Provo, Utah. This presentation was a condensed version of a key chapter in my ongoing thesis. Using numismatic evidence, I have researched the civic identity of a northern Syrian Seleucid colony called Seleucia-in-Pieria. While approaching this subject, I have employed a spatial theoretical framework inspired by the work of Henri Lefebvre. I have attempted to explore the unique political position of Seleucia-in-Pieria, a city often at odds with the Seleucid dynasty but at the geographic and ideological center of the empire.

Presenting my own work and attending other panels in person was a great experience. Having only presented and attended conferences online, I was eager to travel to present in-person. This conference was extremely helpful for presenting my new research and learning about new topics. I hope to return to CAMWS in the future to present more original work on the Hellenistic period.

Jordan Brady will be graduating in Fall 2023

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