History Faculty named Faculty Scholars

Exterior of CHASS' Withers Hall.

We are proud to announce that Dr. Tom Parker has been named an Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor and Dr. Matthew Booker has been named a University Faculty Scholar. Congratulations to both of them for the recognition of their work as teachers and scholars. Each of these awards go to just a handful of faculty each year.

Professor Parker joined the history department at NCSU in 1980. His major field is Roman history and archaeology, especially the Roman Levant. His research focuses on the economy of the Roman Empire, Roman frontiers, the Roman army, and the origins of Christianity. He teaches an introductory course on the history of the ancient Mediterranean world as well as advanced courses in Roman history and archaeology and Late Antiquity. Learn More about his research and interests.

Booker is an Associate Professor in the Department of History. His work examines the intersection between human beings and the natural world in North America, with a particular focus on coastal cities. He studies the boundaries of history, ecology, law and agriculture. Learn More about his research and interests.


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