Congratulations to our December 2016 History Graduates

Congratulations to the graduating class of December 2016! 

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We are also proud to announce Ross Anderson as our newest recipient of the Master of Arts degree in History.

Ross worked under the direction of Dr. Julie Mell on a thesis entitled “The Effect of Factionalism on Jewish Persecution: How the Conflict between Bernard of Clairvaux’s Cistercian Order and Peter Abelard’s Scholasticism Contributed to the Equating of Jews with Heretics.” Its emphasis is on the in-fighting within the developing Catholic Church and how it influenced the persecution of religious minorities of Europe, specifically the Jews. An analysis of anti-Jewish rhetoric and charges of heresy against a key church leader, the thesis demonstrates how factionalism and vitriolic stereotypes in the Church paved the way for the end of protections for the Jews of Europe. After graduation, Ross will continue to teach middle school Social Studies.

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