Public History Internship – Hayley Moll

Hayley Moll knows that she wants to be a museum curator one day.

Last summer Hayley interned with the Greensboro Historical Museum. She inventoried the museum’s extensive doll holdings, contributing to the preservation of the museum’s collection of more than 25,000 tangible objects.

“I greatly enjoyed seeing all the different types of dolls that people have collected throughout the years,” Hayley said. “I liked imagining what kinds of exhibits the Greensboro Historical Museum might create with the dolls or how the dolls could help a historian make some sort of great breakthrough with his/her research.”

Interning at the Greensboro Historical Museum helped Hayley determine her career path. While Hayley had a general interest in the museum field, her work at the GHM and subsequent internship at the NC Museum of History in Raleigh helped her solidify her career goals. Now she wants to be a museum curator.

Hayley’s advice for future students interning at a museum? 

Get involved! Hayley recommends that interns interested in the museum field should try to meet as many staff members and attend as many meetings as possible. Getting involved will help interns get a better sense of museum operations, as well as help them determine whether or not they are in the right field.

Hayley graduated with her MA in Public History in May 2015.

2015 Hayley Moll Internship
Hayley Moll, MA in Public History. Internship: Greensboro Historical Museum, Summer ’14


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