Bradley Dixon, History MA Alumnus, Shines in UT-Austin Doctoral Program

History MA alumnus Bradley Dixon is making an impact as part of  the University of Texas – Austin History PhD program. His work explores the colonial history of indigenous peoples of the Americas under British rule. Brad’s new insights into the nature of British American colonial rule challenge established models. As a result, in October, Brad was invited to present his views to a group of prominent legal historians at the Newberry Library Symposium on Comparative Modern Legal History.

Brad is one of the organizers of a forthcoming “Entangled Histories of the Early Modern British and Iberian Empires and their Successor Republics” workshop at the University of Texas set to take place November 2014. In addition to organizing the conference, Brad will present a paper on the English Republic of Indians.

Dr. Jorge  Canizares-Esguerra, the Alice Drysdale Sheffield Professor of History, at University of Texas – Austin praises Brad’s accomplishments since graduating from NC State with an MA in History in 2013. Dr. Canizares-Esguerra explained,
“In his first year as a graduate student at UT, Brad won two national fellowships. The Archie Davis Fellowship from UNC’s North Carolina’s Library Collection and the Maryland Historical Society, Lord Baltimore Fellowship. But Brad went this summer not only to North Carolina and Maryland but also to the British National Archives in London with funding provided by a summer travel award offered by our department.
Brad’s accomplishments do not end there. In April 4, 2014, he was invited to participate at the 14th Annual Florida International University History Conference, “Conversations in History: Currents in the Atlantic World” at Florida International University. His paper was selected for publication and it came out as the opening article of volume 12 of the journal The Atlantic Millennium; Academic Journal on Atlantic Civilizations, pp. 1-17.”
Cheers to Brad!

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